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Sanchez announces extensive remodeling of the Spanish cabinet – News

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez undertakes extensive remodeling of his government as his dominant socialists seek to regain initiative after a series of political, economic and diplomatic setbacks. Did.

In a much more extensive government restructuring than expected, Sanchez promoted Spanish Minister of Economy Nadia Calviño to his new second place, and some of the government’s most prominent figures resigned.

In a speech to the country, Sanchez announced the formation of what he described as a new government focusing on economic recovery and the use of € 140 billion in the EU. Funding Hoping that Spain will help recover from the pandemic and that the government will help regain its property.

“To overcome the worst disasters in decades, the government of recovery begins today,” he said. He added that the change meant “generational change,” with the average age of ministers dropping from 55 to 50 and the proportion of women rising from 54 percent to 63 percent.

Among those leaving the coalition are Carmen Calvo, formerly Sanchez’s deputy chief (Carbinho will be appointed), Foreign Minister Arancha González, Prime Minister and strategist Ivan Redondo, and Jose Luis Abalos. .. A socialist veteran who served as Minister of Transport.

The new Foreign Minister, former Sanchez adviser Jose Manuel Alvarez, is now the French ambassador and is proud of his diplomatic experience and intimacy with the Prime Minister.

Nadia Calviño’s promotion means she will chair the Cabinet meeting in the absence of Sanchez © Michael Reynolds / EPA

The promotion of Carvinho, the former Chief Executive Officer of the European Commission, means she will chair the Cabinet in the absence of Sanchez.

“This move underscores her position as an essential part of the government,” said Pablo Simon, a professor at the University of Carlos III in Madrid.

But he added that the remodeling was “trying to restart the government from virtually zero,” just in the middle of Congress’s four-year mission.

Socialists are lagging behind Centre-right People’s Party In a poll triggered by the devastating defeat of Madrid Local elections. It also follows the diplomatic crisis with Morocco, which temporarily allowed thousands of migrants to travel to Spanish outposts in May. Ceuta..

Spain’s GDP shrank more than any other major economy as a result of the pandemic, shrinking 10.8% last year.

The country’s economic outlook saw infection rates last week Highest in mainland Europe, Endanger the tourist season.

Tourism typically produces 12% of Spain’s GDP and 13% of employment and plays a huge role in July and August, but last week both Germany and France warned the public to travel to the country. Did.

Among other changes, the remodeling replaced the head of the Ministry of Education, Justice, Science and Culture and appointed a new government spokesman, Isabel Rodriguez.

Simon claimed that not only were many ministries replaced, but four senior officials who coordinated policies under Sanchez, including Carbo, Redondo, and Abalos, have now resigned.

Pablo Iglesias, a former leader of Podemos, the fourth member of the group, a partner of the Socialist Syriza Union, Left wing After finishing fifth in the Madrid elections.

He was previously replaced by Spanish Communist Minister of Labor Yolanda Diaz as Deputy Prime Minister. The five ministers of Podemos were not part of Saturday’s remodeling.

The Spanish opposition responded to the change by labeling Sanchez, not the minister, in question and calling for elections.



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