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Madonna blamed Britney Spears’ power of attorney in a fiery new statement.

Madonna Expressed her support Britney Spears In her Battle of adult guardianship.. A “Like a Prayer” singer, 62, shared an Instagram story on July 8 and called it “human rights abuses” and accused the legal arrangements. Madonna shared her message against the backdrop of her retrospective photo in a dazzling Britney T-shirt and pink fuzzy bore.

“Give this woman back her life,” Madonna wrote. “Slavery was abolished long ago! Death to the greedy patriarchy who has done this to women for centuries.” The singer said, “This is a violation of human rights! Britney We are you. I’m coming to take you out of prison! “

Support is mutual: The duo shared a notorious moment with fellow pop stars Christina Aguilera In the early days. On stage at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards Trio shared a passionate kiss During the performance.In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar In 2011, Britney looked back at that moment And it erupted around the stars. “I actually saw [Madonna] At the party a few weeks ago, “she said. “I think she really taught me to stay loyal to myself. It seems easy, but she not only said it, but taught me through action. There are many people who have opinions, but they just listen to their instincts. “

Britney Spears and Madonna (Shutterstock)

Madonna’s comment comes later Britney spoke to the judge For the first time in June, he called for a 13-year release from parents and called the arrangement “abuse.” The pop star gave a disastrous testimony of how the power of attorney deprived her of all her autonomy. Britney also Abduction of her father Jamie As a co-guardian, but he still continues that role. in the meantime, Financial company Bessemar Trust He split the obligations of Jamie and his parents, quoted Britney’s latest court testimony, and submitted a document to resign his parents.Around NPR,Next Power of attorney court hearing It will be July 14th. It will focus on the request to withdraw from the power of attorney of the Bessemer Trust.

Madonna participates in the chorus Other celebrities gathered Behind Britney. Mariah Carey, Brandy, Justin Timberlake,and Miley Cyrus He also expressed their support.

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