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Seven Tricks To Help You Win Online Poker – News

Wondering how you can win at online poker? Perhaps you are a regular live poker player who wants to transit to playing online? The transition might be difficult even for experienced poker players, but various tips and tricks are available to help ease that transitioning phase. In fact, if you’re still in need of a good online poker game, I recommend this poker room for cash games. Read on to find out the top seven tips we have gathered to help you, regardless of if you are new to online poker or want to improve your online game and win more consistently!


1.    Begin with games where lower stakes are at play


It is advisable to start with lower-stakes when you first start out playing online, no matter how experienced you may be at live poker games. The goal here isn’t to win, it is to familiarise yourself with the nuances of online poker games. By starting low, you give yourself more chance at winning in the long run.


Smaller stakes at play also help beginner players as it means a smaller bankroll. This means there is less to sweat about in the event you lose, and instead allows you to develop your skills with the longer-term aim of becoming a successful player of online poker games.


As a rule of thumb, you will face a more fierce fight in online games for the same stake that is played at live games. If you approach online games with the same stakes that you usually play live games with, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the level of competition there is. It is thus advisable to start small and progress through the stakes. This would allow you to understand the differences between online and live poker games, and help you learn how to win in online games.


2.    Familiarise yourself with the different tools


There are various tools available in online poker games which are not present in live games. Take some time to familiarise yourself with how these features work during your first few sessions. Examples of such features include the time-bank, where you only have a set amount of time to act. This is in stark contrast to live poker games where players usually have a couple of minutes to think before they are at risk of having the clock called. Other features to familiarise yourself with when playing online include the layout of the site lobby, the betting and cashier features as well as any game bonuses or promotions that might be available.


3.    Don’t play multi-table games when you are new


As tempting as it might be to immediately play multi-table games, don’t do it. Instead, stick to a single table game when you’re new, as this helps you to gain a better understanding of the technical aspects of online poker. Begin adding a table at a time after you are more confident of maneuvering one table at a time!




4.    Make sure there are no distractions when you play


While it might be tempting to do other tasks such as watching a show on Netflix, take a call, or surf the web in between hands, this is a trap you ought to watch out for. Such distractions can cause players to make fatal mistakes such as playing a good hand poorly or miss out on cues and information which would be helpful in later games. You don’t get distracted when playing at a physical casino table, so don’t let such bad habits affect you when you shift your game online.

The difference between an awesome online poker player and a mediocre one could be the differences in their attitude, with the mediocre one having an unprofessional attitude towards the game. It is crucial that you play somewhere without distractions if you want to win. If you’ve reached a point where you have time to spare in between hands, try adding another table into your routine.

5.    Upgrade your hardware

Hardware is also an aspect to be considered when creating the ideal environment for your online poker games. It is a no-brainer that you will be distracted by playing poker on the couch in the living room. Instead, look to playing at a desk within a study, or in an area not accessible from the main living space in the house. If you spend a lot of time playing online, it might also be worthwhile to invest in an ergonomic chair that can help to lessen the chances of backaches.


As you get better at the game,  consider making other upgrades that can help to maximize your profits. These include having a high-resolution monitor which is sufficiently large which helps to reduce the strain on your eyes or a gaming mouse that reduces the strain on your wrist and the time taken to perform each action. If you are looking to join a tournament, having a toilet nearby is also a good idea as there are likely to only be short breaks each hour.

6.    Master the bluff

Knowing how to bluff is an important aspect of poker. By mastering the bluff, it helps players win even when their hand isn’t the best within the game. Before bluffing, consider factors such as your position, how many chips are at play, and the betting history for that game. While bluffing may be one of the riskiest and difficult skills to master, it is possible to bluff successfully.

7.    Use available software to your advantage

Though there are players who are not for using software when playing poker online, it is nothing bad to use them if it is allowed by the terms of service laid out by the site where you play. In fact, it is certainly fair game as long as it is allowed. With various types of poker software available online, it would be a huge waste of potential to neglect such software and lose out on being able to significantly improve your game.


A common feature available on most sites is the ability to take notes. Use this feature to note down how your opponents might play and see if you can then exploit their weaknesses. Another common feature is being able to color-code players. This allows you to identify if a particular player is strong or weak. If a table has many players who you have tagged as strong, then it would be easy to avoid that table if you are looking for a quick round.



With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, many places have been in lockdowns. However, this isn’t to say that poker players have to sit home doing nothing. With these seven tips in mind, head over to any of the online poker sites and get started on your journey into the world of online poker!



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