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Sharon Stone goes out unusually with his son Roan — Photo – Hollywood Life – News

Sharon Stone and his son Roan Bronstein all smiled as the photographer walked in fashionable summer-friendly outfits while going shopping for sunglasses at the Beverly Hills store.

Sharon Stone, 63, went out with her eldest son Roan Bronstein Stone, 21, July 8th, unusual outing. actress In the Beverly Hills area, walking beside a blonde mass in white tank tops, black jeans, white, red and yellow sneakers, I wore a stylish black sleeveless top, jeans and boots. The duo reportedly bought sunglasses from the Optometrix store and smiled brightly when he overtook the photographer.

Sharon Stone and his son Lone walking in Beverly Hills. (Back grid)

The mother and son seemed to have a pleasant conversation while enjoying time together in the summer sun. Sharon also rocked his sunglasses with her look and showed off her signature short blonde rock. Lone tied his hair to the bun.

A rare outing Sharon Stone and Lawn. (Back grid)

Private Sharon is rarely seen and is with her 3 childrenSo, her recent outing with Loan is a memorable show of their close ties.She adopted him with her ex-husband Phil Bronstein 2000, two years after they got married. They split in 2004 and she adopted her second son. Laird 2005 and her second son, Quinn It’s not clear what the relationship between Loan and Phil looks like, but in 2019 he submitted a document to include Sharon’s surname in his official surname.

It seemed that the paparazzi approached them during their trip to Beverly Hills with Sharon and Lone. The paparazzi asked if Sharon had the truth. Recent rumors She is dating a 25 year old rapper RMR After they were found hanging out together at a nightclub in Los Angeles.The· Basic instinct When did the stars seem to deny them She said “no” And I laughed at the question. Lone laughed and said, “I couldn’t have asked more interesting questions.”

Beauty also showed her kindness when she helped the photographer after the photographer fell to the ground while trying to take a picture of her and her son during the interaction. When he knew he was okay, she got into the car and was on the way.

Sharon Stone goes out unusually with his son Roan — Photo – Hollywood Life

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