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Six benefits of probiotics for men

What are probiotics for men and why might you need to be taking them? If you’re concerned about your gut heath, and want to know how you can help to boost your digestive function and potentially improve your immunity and mental health, probiotics have the potential to support you in these areas. On top of this, they may help with weight loss, which can be useful for men over 50, after testosterone drop off makes it harder to keep body fat down.

Dr Giuseppe Aragona, a GP and online doctor for OnlinePrescriptionDoctor (opens in new tab), explains the benefits of probiotics on men’s health. “One of the best ways to take care of your digestive and overall health is through probiotic supplements,” he says. “Probiotics are beneficial micro-organisms that live in your gut and help to support your physical and mental health. Every person’s gut microbiome has different bacteria so your body’s reaction to probiotics may be different to someone else. However, overall probiotics are beneficial for men’s health, and support wellbeing.” 

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