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Six-Wheel Off-Road Rolls-Royce Is The Wildest Build You'll See Today

We say Luxembourg simply because of the “L” on the Phantom’s EU plates. That is either where the car lives, or maybe where it’s going. Regardless, it’s going somewhere via air cargo. One netizen suggested it was for Fast and Furious 10, which wouldn’t be too far off. This certainly looks it, thanks largely to, well, everything part on it. The yellow lights are illegal in Europe, which does suggest this Rolls might not be for road use.

Then again, neither would those off-road tires. Though those are likely just for aesthetics, given how thin the aspect ratio is, as well as how huge the wheels are. At a glance, they look to be 22-inches in size.

But we’ve neglected to mention the craziest part: this car’s extra axle. It looks like this Phantom has had them fitted, alongside the body kit and custom trunk lid post-production, which could also be said of the matte black paint. Mechanically, we don’t even know if this car runs, only that it’ll need some crazy driveshaft and differential wizardry to make it do so.

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