Snow forecast warning: Five signs heavy snow could be damaging your home & what to do next

Although a blanket of white snow appears lovely from inside your cosy home, it may possibly pose a threat to your property – notably if snowfall turns heavy. The Met Office has warned that temperatures are possible to plummet within the coming weeks, with the potential for showers to flip “wintry” in components of the north.

Five signs snowfall could be damaging your home

Sagging ceiling boards

Mr Grossi stated: “A ceiling sagging below the strain of weight above is a positive signal your roof is carrying greater than it may possibly deal with.”

If the boards, beams, or some other a part of your ceiling seem to be drooping, it could be a warning that one thing is improper.

In fact, ceiling boards can sag for causes except for heavy snowfall.

The knowledgeable added: “This could point out the beams are outdated and wish changing, or that they’re affected by rot.”

Unusual noises

Our properties could make odd sounds for all method of causes.

Nonetheless, uncommon creaks from above could point out that your roof house is below extreme strain.

Mr Grossi stated: “If these areas of your roof are seen within the loft, it’s completely important to examine their situation.

“Pay shut consideration and look out for cracks or different apparent signs of damage.”

Cracks within the partitions and roof

In accordance to Mr Grossi, a roof possible will not collapse suddenly. As an alternative, smaller warning signs could start to seem first.

He stated: “Most of the warning signs gained’t simply be obvious in your roof house.

“In the event you start to see cracks and crevices showing in your partitions, then the construction above is struggling below extra weight, and it might be time to act and take away snow from your roof.”

Roof leaks

Some warning signs do come instantly from your roof, nonetheless – notably a leaking roof.

The consultants stated: “A roof lined with an excessive amount of snow will grow to be warped and cracked, permitting snow to drift into inside elements of your roof house. Because the snow melts, it may possibly leak into the areas under.”

Issues with doorways and home windows

Doorways and home windows can start to change form due to adjustments in temperature and are sometimes regular through the altering seasons.

However, in some instances, it could be a harmful signal of one thing extra, particularly when the snow is coming in quick.

Mr Grossi stated: “Are your doorways and home windows not shutting into their frames correctly, or are you maybe struggling to open them?

“Whereas that is extra generally due to the cold weather, it could be an indication that the frames have grow to be warped, excessively strained by the load on snow on the roof above.”

What to do in the event you suppose your roof is being broken by heavy snow

Within the occasion you imagine your home is below strain from extreme snowfall, Mr Grossi advises contacting an expert who can clear your roof safely.

Nonetheless, in the event you do want to do so your self, he advises “the easiest way to take away snow is with a snow rake”.

This will be used to “drag snow off the roof from floor degree – far safer than working at peak”.

Mr Grossi added: “In the event you don’t have a snow rake, do not use steel instruments, as these can harm roofing supplies.

“Solely take away snow from your roof when it’s secure for you to do so. You all the time have the choice to name an expert, or just anticipate the snow to soften.”

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