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Sony adopts robotics to reduce costs and enhance digital services – News

Sony predicts that robots will take over the TV, smartphone and camera production lines as entertainment conglomerates shift their focus to services that drive the sale of consumer electronics.

Kimio Maki, head of Sony’s electronics business, said accelerating factory automation will be combined with a greater focus on online sales and data analysis to reduce manufacturing costs. He added that it would also help reduce product defects.

“I don’t think robotic automation alone has enough benefits. The important thing is to use digitalization to link both sales and manufacturing,” Maki said in an interview with the Financial Times. ..

The establishment of an unmanned production line in Malaysia, Sony’s flagship TV factory, is expected to reduce costs by 70% by 2023 compared to 2018. It will keep some factory workers.

On the marketing side, we use artificial intelligence to analyze sales data and set production volumes more effectively.

Kimio Maki © Sony

Promoting digitalization to improve cost efficiency is Sony’s strategy Home appliances I pivoted. This group has stopped TV losses for over a decade, Stabilized financial performance By shifting to small but high-end products.

Maki’s mission is not only to sell hardware such as BRAVIA TVs and Xperia smartphones, but also to provide attractive services that attract consumer attention and return to generate continuous revenue.

Maki said the company will continue to sell hardware and services to consumers, but key parts of its growth goals include crystal LED displays for virtual video production and ball tracking technology for the sports entertainment industry. Will come from commercial products. In the long run, Sony also wants to target automotive entertainment spaces.

This shift also improved the profitability of Sony’s electronics and medical business, raising its operating margin from 3.3% in 2018 to 7.2% in the year ended in March. Maki said he wanted to raise it to investors. That number will be 10 percent.

Critics have long pointed out Sony’s weaknesses in services and digital platforms as a major reason the Walkman maker lost the battle. Apple iPod And Amazon Kindle, Despite holding Extensive entertainment portfolio It spans games, music, movies and animations.

Another challenge is Sony’s hierarchical and Siloed structureThis has made it difficult for conglomerate departments to work together in an ecosystem that integrates different products.

However, Maki argued that the situation has changed as Sony split its electronics business into another subsidiary in April, consolidating its audio, television, mobile phone, camera and medical businesses into one organization.

“By being put together under a single entity and governance structure, we can now work together organically to create new things. It’s not just about manufacturing products, but about buying, manufacturing and products. It also applies to development and sales, “he said.

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