Statins side effects: The potentially embarrassing sign – when to ‘seek medical attention’

Statins are a gaggle of medicines that may assist decrease the extent of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) ldl cholesterol within the blood, which is usually referred to as “unhealthy ldl cholesterol”. Statins cut back the manufacturing of it contained in the liver. They’ll trigger side results, as can many medicines, and for some folks they might be considerably troubling. Nonetheless, many individuals who take statins expertise no or only a few side results.

Statins can decrease your threat of coronary heart assault and stroke, and greater than 71 million statin prescription gadgets had been distributed in England in 2018, up 46 p.c since 2008.

The NHS says that there are 5 kinds of statin obtainable on prescription within the UK. They embrace atorvastatin, fluvastatin pravastatin, rosuvastatin and simvastatin.

Atorvastatin could trigger some side results, which can be embarrassing for some folks.

NICE says that it’s unusual however chances are you’ll discover that you’re burping, or have chest ache, altered style and tinnitus rising weight.

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Statins can generally work together with different medicines, rising the chance of side results, comparable to muscle injury.

The NHS says that side results can differ between totally different statins, however frequent side results embrace headaches, feeling sick, digestive system issues and low blood platelet rely. says that a number of the mostly reported side results of statins embrace a croaky voice or hoarseness, in addition to decrease again or side ache, tenderness across the eyes or cheekbones.

The well being physique says that statins can sometimes trigger muscle irritation.


“Converse to your physician in case you have muscle ache, tenderness or weak spot that can not be defined – for instance, ache that’s not brought on by bodily work,” it says.

The NHS says that you need to talk about the advantages and dangers of taking statins together with your physician earlier than you begin taking the medication.

“For those who discover sure side results notably troublesome, discuss to the physician in control of your care,” it provides.

Most statins are taken at evening, as that is when most of your cholesterol is produced, in accordance to the British Coronary heart Basis (BHF).

Negative effects reported on Yellow Playing cards are evaluated, along with extra sources of data comparable to medical trial information.

The BHF says: “It is essential to take your remedy recurrently as prescribed. Most statins are taken at evening, as that is when most of your ldl cholesterol is produced. Examine together with your physician or pharmacist when you have to be taking your statin.”

The charity additionally notes {that a} analysis research steered that in very uncommon circumstances statins could improve your threat of growing sort 2 diabetes.

“Nevertheless statins are among the many most secure and probably the most studied medicines obtainable at this time,” it suggests.

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