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Stretching Key: How Flexible Do You Really Need? – News

Many people try to touch or split their toes, but it’s perfectly possible to get all the benefits of stretching without pushing the body to the limit.


July 14, 2021


Harriet Noble / Studio Pie

“I bend, so it won’t break.” No one knows who created this phrase first, but if you search online, you’ll find lots of pictures of yogis in various distorted states. According to common wisdom, flexibility is not only impressive in appearance, it is something we should be proactive about.

But scientifically, it was difficult to answer the question of whether you need to stretch to be more flexible. Studies have not confirmed the benefits of stretching to prevent sports injuries and the assumptions about better flexibility for our overall fitness. Is splitting important, let alone splitting, even if you can’t touch your toes? Even in sports science, where most research is done, there was little consensus.

However, in recent years, answers have begun to appear. The surprising result is that stretching may be good for us, but it has nothing to do with being able to put your feet behind your head.

One thing is certain: stretching feels good, especially when you’re at rest for a long time. We are not the only ones who have solved this. As anyone who owns a dog or cat knows, many animals lie down and then stretch deeply. This type of stretch, called pandecuration, is so common in nature that Reflexes that awaken muscles After the tranquility spell.

Yawning aside, other species do not seem to spend time maintaining and expanding their range of motion. Which raises the issue and why should we do it? …

Stretching Key: How Flexible Do You Really Need?

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