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Studies have found that the well-discussed “California exodus” is not real | California – News

The idea of ​​”escape from California”, which saw a wave of inhabitants abandon the state, is steadily gaining momentum.But new the study It has revealed that it looks more like a myth than reality.

Researchers from a consortium of universities, including Berkeley, UCLA, Cornell, and Stanford, teamed up in the fall of 2020 to study the population of California. Their findings, released this week, determined that “there is no evidence of an unusual increase in the number of residents planning to move out of the state.”

The consortium evaluated information from various sources to see if there was a spill. The data included poll figures, home ownership, consumer credit history, and venture capital investment.

In a statement, the University of California regent John Pérez said, “Who recognizes California as a golden state and a failed state, separated by geography, race, income, and other demographic factors, and through our efforts. It became clear what we were doing. ” About research. “Experiential data is not only disappointing for those who want to write an obituary in California, but also a call for action to address policymakers who have caused them to lose confidence in California’s dreams. . “

The discussion of flights from California has often focused on quality of life concerns such as the state’s high tax rates, its expensive housing and high living costs, and especially the homeless in more conservative circles.Elon Musk Decamp California will take its place “as a matter of course” and will be in Texas in 2020.

However, more than 3,000 Californians surveyed said they consider the state to be the best place to live and raise their families, by a margin of almost 2: 1. “The majority of Californians still believe in’California’s dreams,’” the researchers said.

They found that California’s beliefs in dreams differed by demographics, economic status, and political parties. According to researchers, Spanish-speaking people, Latino-Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and young Californians were more “optimistic.” Meanwhile, middle-class residents, white respondents, older Californians, and Republicans were more “pessimistic.”

Researchers also found that the percentage of Californians who planned to leave had been “static” for the past two years. Twenty-three percent of California voters said they were seriously considering leaving the state. This is slightly lower than the 24% that reported this view in 2019.

Survey found a net deviation from the California Bay Area increase During the pandemic, especially in San Francisco. There, exits from the second quarter to the fourth quarter of 2020 increased by 31% compared to the same period in 2019, while new arrivals decreased by 21%.

Researchers pointed out that people who left San Francisco usually didn’t travel far, many favored counties in the Sierra region, and most stayed in California. There was also a “significant decline” in new moves towards the state’s city center.

“In short, so far, pandemics have moved people within California, rather than driving them out of California,” the researchers said. “The lack of a clear escape from the state should come as a relief to those concerned about the impact on state tax revenues.”

Nor does it look like the Californians who made the money are camping all at once, nor are they large investors. “There is no evidence of a’millionaire flight’from California,” the researchers said, noting that “California’s economy attracts as much venture capital as all other states combined.” did.

According to the analysis, California’s venture capital share was 48%, a slight decline, consistent with typical year-to-year changes, but the state continues to outperform its frequently-discussed competitors. I am.

From 1995 to 2005, New York and Texas each earned about 6% of all US venture capital funding. New York’s share doubled to 12% by 2020, while Texas’ share fell to 3%.

During the first quarter of 2021, New York landed 15% of US venture capital, Texas 2% and Florida 2%.

Studies have found that the well-discussed “California exodus” is not real | California

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