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Successful Seraphine IPO estimates worth £ 150m – News

The fast-growing maternity put on model Seraphine Profitable pricing at 295p per frequent inventory within the LSE important market IPO. With conditional inventory buying and selling beginning on Tuesday, the market capitalization will likely be over £ 150m. The complete deal begins on Friday.


The offer consisted of approximately 21 million new shares issued by the company to generate a total revenue of approximately £ 61 million and approximately 5 million shares sold by existing shareholders. This means that the total size of the offer is £ 75.5 million, which is equivalent to 50.3% of the company’s outstanding equity capital.

It comes after a busy time for the brand. At the end of last year, it was sold to Mayfair Equity Partners and management by its founders and former backers, raising £ 50m. Only a few months later, I received news that I was considering an IPO.

CEO David N Williams said: “We are very pleased to embark on our journey as a public company by participating in the London Stock Exchange’s main market, gaining recognition and providing a platform for achieving our international growth plans. We are pleased with our strong support and would like to enroll new shareholders.

“The next step in our corporate journey is to build on existing strong fundamentals and continue to reach more customers around the world and provide innovative designs that support our maternal journey.”

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Successful Seraphine IPO estimates worth £ 150m

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