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Tech workers swore away from the Bay Area. Now they are back. – News

Rizal Wong, a junior associate of technology and business communications company Sard Verbinnen and Company, left the Bay Area in December to replace his Oakland studio apartment with a cheap one-bedroom in his family-friendly hometown of Sacramento. However, after being vaccinated, he moved to San Francisco in April.

“I feel like I’m back in my life. Meeting a vaccinated colleague and having a drink after work definitely feels normal,” Wong said.

Mr. Wong didn’t go that far, like many who left the Bay Area.Of the more than 170,000 people who moved from near San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland in 2020, the majority moved to other parts of California, according to United States Postal Service address change data. Analysis by Richard Ellis of Coldwell Banker, Or CBRE, a real estate company.

For example, about 20,000 people have moved to the San Jose area. An additional 16,000 went to Los Angeles, nearly 15,000 to Sacramento, and 8,000 to Stockton in the Central Valley of California. More than 77,000 people who left the San Jose metropolitan area, the representative of Silicon Valley, went to similar places such as San Francisco, Sacramento, and Los Angeles. During February Reported by San Francisco Chronicle Similar numbers using postal service data.

According to a CBRE analysis of postal service data, net migration from the San Francisco and San Jose regions was around 64,000 in 2019 and around 116,000 last year, taking into account the occupants.

Almost every year, for decades, thousands more residents left Silicon Valley and San Francisco than they did, according to state data. Often this move is offset by an influx of immigrants from other countries — this was restricted during the pandemic.

Tech workers swore away from the Bay Area. Now they are back.



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