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The “lake” buried in Mars may just be frozen clay – n7t

The brilliant white space of ​​this picture, captured by the European Mars Categorical spacecraft in December 2012, reveals an ice cap that covers the South Pole of Mars, consisting of frozen water and frozen carbon dioxide. (Picture credit score: ESA / DLR / FU Berlin / Invoice Dunford)

Shiny reflections detected by radar beneath Antarctica Mars New analysis has discovered that it might be a clay deposit as a substitute of an underground lake as beforehand thought.

Scientists have suspected for many years that water could also be lurking beneath the polar ice caps of Mars, as it’s right here on Earth. Detected in 2018 by researchers utilizing the MARSIS radar sounder tools on the European House Company’s Mars Categorical spacecraft Evidence of the lake Hidden beneath the Antarctic ice cap on the crimson planet, in 2020 they’ll There are many hypersaline lakes.. Scientists identified that if these lakes had been the particles of water that was as soon as on the floor, these reservoirs might have as soon as been life-threatening and nonetheless potential.



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