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The perfect summer dress — versatile, comfortable and flattering — except for one – News

I always A beloved dress. Some people like suits, jeans and black trousers. Believe it or not, some people, including friends, like to wear jumpsuits. No, for me it was always a dress. Since I was little, I taught myself how to take off the overalls my parents wore to me. Because, as I told them, “I’m a girl and the girl is wearing a dress.” I no longer believe in clothes and other strict gender roles, but I still wear dresses almost exclusively.

For me, dresses are ideal clothing. I don’t like getting up early and I always procrastinate, so I love the dress to be a perfect outfit. Easy to turn on and off, you can easily go to the store and enjoy a drink with your friends. All I have to decide is shoes, earrings and lipstick. In addition, the dress fits my short and winding body best of all. After spending my whole life in a dress, I know exactly which shapes work for me and which ones don’t. I thought so until I became a writer.

My first book was published in January 2018, but I quickly realized that the book event required a very special kind of dress. Since then, I have created a list of questions to use to evaluate candidates. Is the dress long enough to sit on one of the bookstore’s unpleasant high stools and not flush anyone? Are the necklines too obvious at events where many strangers (many of whom are taller than me) take pictures? Does the color pop out from a distance? Is the pattern too busy for TV?

When I searched online frequently in the fall of 2019, I found that Anthropologie’s dress looked almost perfect. A bright orange red with a bold yet undistracting floral pattern. A wrap dress that fits your body shape and is medium in length, so you can rest assured when you need to sit on a crowd. But I was skeptical of the cut. The waist is high, exaggerated, and the skirt is a very full cut. I’ve tried this cut many times because it looks great on many others. But in my hourglass figure, it throws away all my proportions and makes me hate my body. For years I have been trying to love my body and wear clothes that make my skin happy.

I sent a link to my friend Margaret, one of my most important wardrobe advisors. She also liked the eye-catching prints, but I was curious about the shape. But the dress was on sale and I knew that the pattern complemented my brown skin very well, so I bought it anyway.

The perfect summer dress — versatile, comfortable and flattering — except for one

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