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“The Story of Power”: Epstein and Maxwell Podcasts to Take advantage of Hours of Interviews | Jeffrey Epstein – News

THe died almost two years ago, ashamed of financier Jeffrey Epstein. Ghislaine Maxwell Despite being firmly behind the bar awaiting trial, the world’s obsession with a pair of high-society sex traffickers allegedly preying on young girls continues unabated.

The latest addition to Epstein, Maxwell, and the norms of tradition of the rich and powerful social circles they have moved to is a veteran launching a 13-part podcast based on the time of an unpublished interview with Epstein. Comes from British journalist Vicky Ward.

Ward’s podcast revisits the transcripts and sources that shaped the story of the 2003 Vanity Fair. Talented Epstein, And perhaps many new questions, centered around the international spread of Epstein and his ex-girlfriend Maxwell’s spectacular scandal-probably few answers-the trial will come later this year. It begins with the sin of a conspirator.

It has already been added to the broad Epstein-related scandal industry, enveloping Epstein and Maxwell and inflating the mystery of crime that sometimes appears to be right next to QAnon conspiracy theory.

Podcast, Chasing Ghislaine, created by Ward and executive-produced by James Patterson, was also offered as a fund established to resolve allegations of sexual abuse against Epstein, and his property was received before the submission was completed. In March of this year, we paid a total of $ 67 million to settle some of our 175 allegations.

Ward has been in this game for a long time.While working on Epstein’s original Vanity Fair story, she Explained to be under threatIncludes a severed cat head and a bullet found on the premises of a magazine editor’s house.

She says her new series focuses on Epstein and the men associated with him. According to Ward, a more than 450-page interview record (re-enacted due to the loss of the original tape) is between Epstein and herself, similar to the silence of Hannibal Lecter and Clarice Starling’s sheep. Revealed the conversation.

“You can hear how great he was and how he was able to move me on his hind legs. Epstein crossed boundaries that most people wouldn’t cross. For example, my vagina. We talked about the tube and cursed my foetation, “she said.

“This is a story of how Epstein was able to reach the pinnacle of men’s power structure, surprisingly. Two years after his death, it can damage the reputation of people like Bill Gates. The fact speaks to the extent he had, showing that power comes not necessarily from parliament or conference rooms, but through small private gatherings, “she added.

Ward says Epstein was a master of providing powerful men with what they wanted. Epstein’s story reveals the nature of how power works. “He was great at understanding everyone’s vulnerabilities,” she said.

Ward describes the layered structure of women in Epstein’s orbit. Maxwell wasn’t in her original magazine article. Next is the descending order of women in the society that is the model of Eastern Europe. And the arrangement of often underage girls whose government was trafficked by Maxwell.

“It was his astonishing, temperamental misogyny that was notable for rereading the transcript, but I could also see some places where he lied completely. The lie was so strange that it clearly taught me something, so I went out and tried to rereport everything, “she said.

One of the barbaric stories Epstein told Ward during the interview was that he was a hyperfixer in the intelligence community and was involved in an influence campaign. Clinton Department of Justice. Smuggling of weapons, diamonds and drugs. And he worked with African dictators Vladimir Putin, Mohammed bin Salman, Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, and the Israelites.

Ward says he asked former Mossad members, intelligence experts, and former friends if they believed this was true. According to Ward, the answer is that some do and some do not. “Like all the lies that Sociopath says, there’s a true breadcrumb trail. Ultimately, the listener will decide,” she said.

But where Epstein’s story floats in the ultra-conspiracy world of QAnon’s territory, Ward admits it’s hard to mark. “If you’re looking for a simple answer that bowed, you can’t find them, but you can start to understand how he was able to manipulate people,” she says. I did.

Still, if Epstein’s scandal was as simple as the cover story of a tax accountant who runs a party house on 77th Avenue in northern Manhattan for wealthy and connected men. Leon black, Leslie Wexner, Glen Duvin And Joi Ito – Resign from all posts, says Ward.

The center’s Jeffrey Epstein appeared in court in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2008. Photo: Uma Sanghvi / AP

“Ehud Barak will give a hot denial and Bill Clinton will basically not be silent. Farewell to Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda, Ghislaine Maxwell are sitting in prison. Epstein’s genius was to make people trust him and buy their silence. He called it box play. It’s not your average banker, and he often boasted about how dirty he had with people, “she said.

However, the legal traffic in the Epstein-Maxwell case is not completely one-way.

A former British social celebrity won in court last month when a judge ordered one of her whistleblowers to pay her. $ 13.70 to cover legal costs. It happened before a third document dump resulting from a defamation proceeding filed against Maxwell by one of her whistleblowers, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, expected to come next week.

The proceedings ended in 2015, but the testimony made under the oath is essentially unarbitrated. Maxwell’s lawyer argues that opening additional documents from the case puts the information sensational and pollutes the jury pool, jeopardizing the right to a fair trial.

Apart from this, Maxwell’s Lawyer also insists Bill Cosby’s 2018 conviction of sexual assault was overturned by Epstein’s controversial deal with a Florida prosecutor, abandoning her sexual trafficking and other charges. Is to justify.

In it, according to Ward, the podcast shows that Epstein was fundamentally a scammer.

“What’s lost in allegations of horrific sex crimes is that he was the best scammer in history. He’s an international thief, much longer than police claim. , He was a sexual predator and had three amazing strategies of attraction, control and fraud, “she said.

“He told me in 2002 that the rich did not want to go to the authorities when the money was stolen. They just want to get it back. Of the people, institutions, and people he fled. The number is more than everyone knows. “

“The Story of Power”: Epstein and Maxwell Podcasts to Take advantage of Hours of Interviews | Jeffrey Epstein

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