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The Texas Republican Party aims to break the voting limit in a special session after the Democratic strike.U.S. voting rights – News

Hailee Mouch woke up at 2am on Saturday, so she was able to drive to the state capital, Austin, to testify at two competing hearings on Texas’s restrictive voting bill.

She knew she had to return to the Dallas area to work by 6 am on Sunday. But she decided to stay as long as possible to tell state legislators how their proposal would hurt democracy in the small city she attends college.

“It’s not scary to vote,” she said. “And I’m worried that this could scare the vote.”

Among the crowds gathered at the Legislature on Saturday, the Legislature and Senate committees held duplicate hearings during their rapid special session on a highly controversial voting bill. ..

By 6 am local time on Sunday, public testimony at the house was still ongoing. Overnight hearing Parliamentary regular session, When lawmakers proceeded with the election bill While most texans sleep..

“We packed light meals, food, and everything, and if that’s what God wants us to do, we’re ready for the next 22-hour marathon. We love our condition. That’s it. There’s nowhere else to go, “said Lori Gallagher.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott convened a special session starting July 8 after the Democratic Party killed a restrictive voting bill during its regular session. Historical strike From the house floor.

Lexie Garcia, Texas Rising and Texas Regional Field Coordinator, said: Freedom network about fighting voting restrictions.

Abbott announces the agenda for his special session on Wednesday, And before having to appear at the hearing on Saturday, the public received little notice.

However, the Texans from the entire spectrum of ideology were still filling multiple overflow rooms, sitting patiently on the benches in the hallways, preparing to wait all day, and perhaps night and night, to testify directly in the session.

At about 6:30 pm on Saturday, seven and a half hours after the Senate hearing, the hopeful Beto O’Rourke of the former president addressed the committee. He testified again For the House Committee early Sunday morning..

“Some of you Republican.. I am a Democrat. But we want to win these contests with the benefits of the discussion, the ideas, and the vision we provide, “O’Rourke said in a Senate hearing.

“We don’t want to win because we have effectively and functionally excluded millions of fellow Texas people from participating in these decisions that will affect all of our lives for future generations. “

Texas is one of the toughest battlefields in the country for voting rights, and the electorate is very divided. The most difficult place to vote nationwide..

Currently, Republicans ban 24-hour and drive-through voting, expose civil servants to state felony, solicit or distribute unsolicited voting applications, empower party poll watchers, and more. We have approved provisions that significantly roll back voter access in a way.

Advocates warned for months that these changes could disproportionately deprive voters and persons with disabilities, and Republican lawmakers shrugged at a Senate hearing on Saturday.

“All the provisions of this bill apply equally to all voters, regardless of where they live, their color, or their political party,” said State Senator Brian Hughes. Senate Bill Author.. “We have not registered and stated our race or religion.”

“I don’t think there is any oppression by voters. I know there is no law in the” Jim Crow 2 “era in this bill. And I would tell you that I know there is no poll tax on this bill, “said State Senator Paul Bettencourt.

Some Texas citizens believe the new bill is not enough to establish what opposition calls voter oppression, but the governor calls it “election integrity.”

Pollster Melinda Roberts, who said she was denied access to the polls in 2020, initially thought the Senate had abandoned the bill and over-diluted it, but later expressed support. ..

She eventually wanted to file a felony accusation against pollsters who restricted access to pollsters, but had little sympathy for anyone who found it too difficult to vote.

“I want to ask them,’Who told you that you can’t vote?’” Roberts said. “I have an older mom. She’s in every election. Vote. No one says she can’t vote. I have two severing sons. He votes in every election. If you want to vote, you can vote No one is oppressing you. No one. “

Betty Weed did not agree. She said she was against the bill because it would be “nearly impossible for many.”

A group of weed volunteers offering free rides to voters, and she will be able to finally vote after decades of deprivation of rights, thanks to her help, who are blind to Texas. Assisted in.

“The whole bill is my concern,” she said. “Almost everything about the bill makes voting very difficult.”

Conservative-controlled U.S. Supreme Court earlier this month Arizona’s Supported Voting RestrictionsAgainst Furious liberal objectionsIn a ruling that hit the Voting Rights Act, the groundbreaking Civil Rights Act of 1965 was designed to prevent discrimination by voting and has widespread impact in other states.

The Texas Republican Party aims to break the voting limit in a special session after the Democratic strike.U.S. voting rights

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