Treatment of unexplained diseases hidden in ‘chirping of birds’ and ‘wind gusts’

New Delhi. It typically occurs that you’re feeling very uncomfortable as a consequence of some illness, however every little thing is discovered regular in the results of pathology or different examination finished on the recommendation of the physician. In such a state of affairs, many docs inform you that every little thing is okay, however the issue stays the identical for you. We have now come to you with wonderful therapy for some such inexplicable ailments. And, this therapy is like ‘heegh lage na alum, rang chokha’. Allow us to inform you right here that Dr. Sameer Malhotra, Director and Head of the Division of Psychological Well being and Behavioral Sciences at Saket Max Tremendous Specialty Hospital, Delhi has helped us in bringing you wonderful cures for these incurable ailments.

Now with out preserving a lot suspense, allow us to inform you in regards to the unusual ailments and their therapy. Initially let’s discuss a illness known as Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a illness in which there’s ache in numerous components of your physique and the reason for this ache will not be caught in any investigation. Really, this illness happens as a consequence of chemical imbalance within the physique. The chemical imbalance has a direct impact on the intoxicants of your physique, as a consequence of which you begin experiencing extreme ache in numerous components of town. For the therapy of this unusual ache within the physique as a consequence of fibromyalgia, you go around the docs for months and spend 1000’s of rupees in medical examination, however the outcome stays the identical.

Fantastic remedy on your incurable illness
Now let’s speak in regards to the great therapy of your incurable illness. You may be surprised as soon as upon listening to the therapy of this illness, however if you do that therapy for a number of days, you’ll begin seeing its advantages routinely. Sure, to do away with this unusual and unusual painful illness, you must be buddies with nature and hearken to the chirping of birds each morning and night whereas feeling the gusts of wind. It’s important to put your coronary heart within the chirping of birds in such a means which you can hear music in it too. I do know, you should be discovering this therapy a bit unusual, that is why let me take you to Dr. Sameer Malhotra to know it intimately.

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Dr. Sameer Malhotra explains that there’s a deep relationship between the thoughts and the physique. If there may be any stress, discomfort or downside within the thoughts, then its signs begin displaying in your physique as nicely. These signs embrace elevated BP, speedy heartbeat, inexplicable abdomen issues, unusual headache, again ache, ache somewhere else within the physique, and so on. Typically, we neither know the explanation for this nor can we get aid even after all of the therapy. Right here, but when we make buddies with nature, then you’ll not solely do away with a illness known as fibromyalgia, however psychological stress, despair and nervousness will go far-off from you.

How you can have a real friendship with nature
Dr. Sameer Malhotra tells that to do away with all of the unusual and poor ailments, you must be buddies with nature within the true sense. True friendship means, you see the timber and vegetation round you, really feel their development, whether it is wet season, hear rigorously to the sound of raindrops, deeply really feel the cool breeze that comes with the drops , see the environment at night time, have a look at the celebs, really feel the gust of wind, hearken to the chirping of birds, and so on. That’s, you get related with nature as a lot as you may. All these actions will provide you with peace of thoughts. On this means, the earlier and extra deeply you join with nature, the extra incurable ailments will run away from you.

In response to Dr. Sameer Malhotra, the matter doesn’t finish right here but. He tells that your friendship with nature will stay incomplete till you begin getting up within the morning and go for walks early within the morning. Really, the dawn (solar rays) of the morning are obligatory for us. After coming in touch with these daylight, some hormones of our physique are launched. If we stand up late, we’ll deprive ourselves of this stuff. That’s the reason, to keep away from all of the troubles and ailments, it has at all times been stated to stand up in Brahma Muhurta. When you’re in the midst of nature within the morning, you’ll take extra oxygen, which is able to hold your thoughts and mind wholesome. If the thoughts and mind will probably be wholesome, then the remainder of the issues will probably be right on their very own.

What does medical idea say about connecting with nature?
Now let’s discuss how nature helps us to remain wholesome, Dr. Sameer Malhotra makes that if you join with nature, you aren’t judgmental. Should you go searching your life, in at this time’s date the person is both reacting on some concern, or it’s judgmental. From waking up within the morning to sleeping at night time, he’s telling solely two issues whether or not it’s proper or it’s mistaken. Not solely this, many individuals develop into judgmental whereas giving their reactions. Generally you begin expressing emotions by changing into extra emotional as a consequence of circumstances. However when an individual approaches nature, then the reactions and judgments cease. There the thoughts and the thoughts really feel solely and solely.

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