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U.S. citizens arrested for assassination of President Haiti, described as an interpreter for attackers – News

Colombians related to Assassination of Haiti President Jovenel Moise Colombian police chief said Friday that he was hired by four companies and traveled to Caribbean countries in two groups via the Dominican Republic. The United States also announced on Friday that it would send high-ranking FBI and Homeland Security officials to assist in the investigation.

As the investigation progressed, the killings took on a complex international conspiracy.Among the Colombians and those detained by the police I was two Haitian Americans, Described as an attacker’s translator. Some of the suspects were confiscated in a raid on the Taiwanese embassy, ​​which they allegedly sought to evacuate.

Haitian National Police Chief Leon Charles said 17 suspects had been detained in Moise’s brave murder, which surprised a country that had already recovered from poverty, widespread violence and political instability. There are still a large number of eight more suspects, according to Charles.

At a press conference in Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, General Jorge Luis Borges Valencia said four companies were involved in the assassination-related “recruitment and rally of these people,” but the names still remain. Therefore, the company was not specified. Verified.

In Washington, White House spokesman Jen Psaki was sent to Haiti “as soon as possible to assess the situation and how we can help” by senior FBI executives and Homeland Security officials. Said. “The FBI is currently working with the US Embassy in Haiti and law enforcement partners to determine how to best support this effort,” the FBI said.

Investigative journalist Judge Clement Noel told the French newspaper Le Nouvelliste that Haitian Americans had been arrested. Noel reported on Friday that Solage and Vincent were interpreters for the attackers.

The same newspaper said Port-au-Prince prosecutor Bedford Claude had ordered state police investigative forces to cross-examine all security agencies near Moise. These include Jean Laguel Civil, Moise’s security coordinator, and Dimitri Hérard, head of the General Security Unit at the National Palace.

“Where were you if you were responsible for the president’s security? What did you do to avoid this fate for the president?” Claude said.

An attack at Moïse’s house before dawn on Wednesday also seriously injured his wife, who was sent to Miami for treatment.

Interim Prime Minister Claude Joseph exercised leadership with the support of police and the military and declared a two-week “siege.” Port-au-Prince is already at stake as gangsters expel more than 14,700 people last month alone as they burned and plundered their homes in a territorial battle.

Vargas promised Colombia’s full cooperation, authorities identified 13 of the 15 Colombians involved in the attack as retired members of the army, 11 were captured and two were killed. Their ranks range from commanders to soldiers. General Luis Fernando Navarro, commander of the Colombian Army, said he had left the facility between 2018 and 2020.

The US State Department is aware of reports of Haitian Americans being detained, but said they would not comment.

Solage, 35, is a “certified diplomat” advocating for children and up-and-coming politicians on the website of a charity launched in South Florida in 2019 to help residents of their hometown of Jacmel in southern Haiti. I called myself. The coast. Solage also said he worked as a bodyguard at the Canadian embassy in Haiti, with a photo of an armored military vehicle and the American flag on a Facebook page that was deleted following news of the arrest.

Canada’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement not mentioning Solage by name, but one of the men detained for his alleged role in the murder was “spare bodyguard” at the embassy by a private contractor. Was easily hired as. “

Calls to charities and fellow Solages were unanswered. However, relatives in South Florida said Solage had not received military training and did not believe he was involved in the killing.

“I love the president and I love James Solage, so I feel like my son killed my brother,” Schubert Drisme, whose wife is Solage’s aunt, told WPLG in Miami.

The Taiwanese embassy in Port-au-Prince said police had arrested 11 people who tried to break into the premises early Thursday. It did not reveal details of their identity or the reason for the invasion, but in a statement called the man a “mercenary” and strongly condemned Moïse’s “cruel and barbaric assassination.” Police were warned by embassy guards while Taiwanese diplomats were working from home.

U.S. citizens arrested for assassination of President Haiti, described as an interpreter for attackers

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