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Vaishali S debuts in Paris, blending tradition and nature – News

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July 9, 2021

On the last day of Haute Couture Week in Paris, there was an unexpected calendar debut. This was the first Paris show by her label Vaishya S by Indian designer Vaishya Dangle. Founded 20 years ago, Vishari S chose the gardens of Resevictor de Louise in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, just steps away from Invalides. French audience for the first time.


The show began with the music of a fiddler leading the model of Vishari S. under the lush canopy in the soft light of the setting sun. Inspired by the need for breathing and the concept of reconnecting with nature, this collection avoids the embroidery and glittering details often featured in haute couture.

Shadangule preferred to rely on traditional hand-woven fabrics like Kando to create asymmetric silhouettes and pleated volumes. The designer’s compliment to her roots goes beyond the use of traditional Indian clothing, the sari, like macrame, which creates graceful details such as fringes and airy sleeves reminiscent of a small flowering garden. With corsets and architecturally intricate dresses, soaking in the fabrics led to the construction of a perfect silhouette.

The model wears flat shoes and plain natural make-up, asymmetrically unfolded dresses in the shape of butterfly wings, lush leaves, and even mermaids from the sea with algae-grown bodies. , Starts with a color palette. Inconspicuous white and black, but then turns purple, gold, maroon, and bluish green. On top of that, of course, the bride, who took a walk to commemorate the end of the show, wore a flowing, slightly biased dress with layered fabrics and a sheer effect, traditional bridal wear from a contemporary perspective. Was reinterpreted.


“I’m very happy. I came here for the first time from India and it was a big responsibility for me,” Shadangle said surprised by the number of guests after the show. “I wanted to show that India has more than beautiful handmade fabrics and embroidery. It can look and feel. Designer from the heart of Madhya Pradesh is We wanted to combine these two ideas to convey our perspective on fashion. Vaishali S worked with more than 900 Madhya Pradesh families to create traditional weaving workshops and their craftsmen. We make use of our technical know-how.

In addition, Shadangle came to Paris after a tough year suffering from Covid-19. She is happy to be weathered. “We’ve survived the pandemic and sales continue to grow. I may be optimistic, but this is a connection to nature and we say we need to be reborn and slow down. “I have,” she added, linking the current situation to her fall / winter vibrant naturalistic mood. A 2021 collection entitled “Breathing”.

“Breathing is an autoreflex and we do it instinctively with little awareness. We are always breathing. We wanted to make a new connection with nature around this theme,” she said, India. Reemphasized the importance of cross-border communication. “True couture is also implicitly included in the idea of ​​using our traditional fabric craftsmanship,” she said with a smile.

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Vaishali S debuts in Paris, blending tradition and nature

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