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Watch The World's Fastest Production Trucks Go Drag Racing

The TRX has more horsepower than the Lightning (702 hp vs 580 hp) and weighs less, at 6,350 lbs. But with 650 lb-ft, the electric Ford has a big advantage. Remarkably, the TRX sets off quicker and looks like it has a chance, but the V8 behemoth is no match for the battery-powered F150 which quickly assumes pole position. We’re still impressed by how close it is; the mighty Ram finished the quarter-mile in 13.69 seconds at 104.1 mph.

Wearing two victories on its belt, can the F-150 Lightning fend off the R1T? Judging by the power figures, it’s unlikely. Rivian’s pickup is more powerful, with a hypercar-rivaling 835 hp and 908 lb-ft on tap – but it weighs more than the Ford. The figures don’t lie – the Rivian blasts off with incredible speed and crosses the line in 11.95 seconds at 111.7 mph, relegating the Lightning to second place.

It seems the Rivian remains undefeated – something that can’t be said about its towing skills.

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