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“We expect them to act”: Biden imposes Putin on the ransomware group and hints at retaliation | US Foreign Policy – News

Joe Biden Vladimir Putin To oppose the ransomware group operating in Russia, we warn that the United States is ready to respond if cyber hacking is not thwarted.

The two leaders called for an hour on Friday. Discussed ransomware attacks at the summit June 16th in Geneva. Biden’s message to Putin on the call is straightforward, suggesting increased impatience with attacks that have disrupted major US sectors.

“If I give him enough information to act on who it is when the ransomware operation comes from his soil without state support, they It was very clear that he expected to act, Biden told reporters.

He said the two governments have now set up a means of regular contact “when each of us thinks something that affects our country is happening in another country.”

“That worked. I’m optimistic,” he said.

The United States has not indicated how it plans to respond to attacks originating from. RussiaBut Biden hinted at digital retaliation if Russia did not plan to cooperate.

Asked by a Reuters reporter if it makes sense to attack the Russian server used for such an intrusion, Biden paused, smiled and said “yes.”

Biden told reporters that Russia’s inaction would have an impact, but did not provide details. He said the joint meeting was held on July 16th, adding that he “believes in cooperation.”

Senior Biden administration Officials said a response might come soon. “We are not going to telegram what those actions are-some of them will be obvious and visible, some may not-but we will I hope it will happen days and weeks in the future, “officials told reporters.

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that hackers use to take data hostage in exchange for payments. Cybercriminals have used it to paralyze thousands of American organizations and businesses around the world, causing a series of increasingly high-profile crises.

Many gangsters carrying out ransomware attacks have been claimed by US officials and cybersecurity researchers to be operating outside Russia, if not approved by the Kremlin.

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said Friday that the U.S. has no new information suggesting that the Kremlin has directed it. Ransomware attack on Florida IT company Kaseya last week By the prolific cybercrime syndicate REvil, but Moscow said it was responsible for taking action against such groups operating in Russia.

Moscow and Washington disagreed whether the United States formally sought Russia’s assistance to curb ransomware attacks.

In a Kremlin statement, Putin told Biden, “Although the Russian side was prepared to jointly stop the crime in the field of information, it had not received a request from the relevant US sector last month.” Said.

A senior Biden administration official disagreed with the statement and told reporters in a conference call that the United States had made multiple requests to Russia through regular diplomatic channels.

Internet crime has plagued US-Russian relations since the 1990s, when American cyber experts first began complaining about spam emails from Russia. But the destructive power of ransomware has taken the problem to a new level.

In May, a cyber criminal allegedly active from Russia Important Fuel Transport Group Colonial PipelineCauses gasoline shortages, soaring prices and panic buying on the east coast of the United States.

The following month, another group linked to Russia, REvil, struck meat packer JBS, Temporarily disrupt the food supply chain. Last week, the same group claimed responsibility for the outbreak of a large amount of ransomware, especially in Kaseya.

“We expect them to act”: Biden imposes Putin on the ransomware group and hints at retaliation | US Foreign Policy

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