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What does the Chinese military want in your fetal genetic data? | Alwa Mahadawi – News

Your foetation has already been monetized

Can data collected from millions of pregnant women pave the way for genetically enhanced supersoldiers?according to Recent Reuters SurveyBGI Group, a popular prenatal testing manufacturer, is working with the Chinese military towards that very goal.

The BGI Group offers a test called Nifty (“non-invasive fetal trisomy”). It is available in more than 50 countries and is used to look for genetic abnormalities such as Down’s syndrome in early pregnancy. More than 8 million women have undergone these tests, according to Reuters, and BGI is using the genetic data it collects to help the Chinese military improve its “population quality.” Reuters said a U.S. government adviser said access to this huge data bank “driven China to dominate the world’s medicines and was genetically enhanced to target the U.S. population and food supply. It may manipulate soldiers and pathogens. ” BGI has Make a statement I reject these claims.

“China is stealing your intimate data for malicious purposes” is a popular genre of Western journalism. For example, see last year’s breathtaking report on whether the Chinese government is using TikTok to spy people. But let’s be very clear here. Western companies are doing exactly the same thing. The idea that it is somehow scary when China does it hits sinophobia. DNA is now a big company and you really don’t know who has your most intimate information, who sold it to, and what those companies and governments are doing with it. Hmm.For example, last year the private equity fund Blackstone Acquired Ancestry.com, 18 million people In “the world’s largest consumer DNA network”.Blackstone says it has no plans to monetize its DNA, but many bioethicists and privacy activists are very much I’m skeptical of those claims. Didn’t they bombard nearly $ 5 billion just for it’s hell?Meanwhile, the British government Get a lot of data, And it looks like it’s trying to monetize the medical history of everyone in the UK.The government is impressive Secret transaction With controversial big data companies like Palantir Funded by the CIA..

BGI’s research by Reuters reminds us that there is no one aspect of our lives (probably). I don’t even have a dream) It is darkly mined and not monetized. Indeed, it looks like our data is being sold before we get out of the womb. But beyond the element of “big companies are evil,” there is another side to this story. It’s unclear if the Chinese government is actually using prenatal testing data to create genetically enhanced soldiers, but this type of testing is used to select the next generation of genetics. I am. The ability to test for genetic abnormalities in the foetation through a non-invasive blood test (known as the NIPT test) in early pregnancy is a relatively recent phenomenon with very ethical consequences. My partner naturally took the NIPT test during pregnancy. While waiting for the result, I emphasized what to do if the result returns to “abnormal”. Do you have an abortion? If we had an abortion, would it make us a monster, or was it wise?

We didn’t have to make that difficult decision, but many others do. In an excellent article on the Atlantic Ocean last year, “The last children with Down syndromeSarah Chang states that Denmark became one of the first countries in the world to offer prenatal Down Syndrome screening to all pregnant women in 2004. Life is worth bringing to the world. Almost everyone in Denmark chooses to be tested, and 95% of people diagnosed with Down’s syndrome choose to have an abortion. “Few people publicly say they want to’eliminate’Down Syndrome,” Zhang wrote. “Still, individual choices are very close to that.” Big data tells us a lot about the enormous power that big companies now have, and we too are part of that power. there is. Eugenics is slowly normalizing to stealth.

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