What is the leapfrog sex position and how can it improve your sex life

Many of us know leapfrog as a fun game that we used to enjoy in the playground.

Remember the days where you’d get a run up and hop over someone else’s back?


Looking to liven up your Tuesday evening? Well, why not try out the “leapfrog” sex position with your partner

Well, it turns out there’s a rather different adult version.

Yes, we’re talking sex positions – and if you’re bored of doggy style, then the “Leapfrog” could soon be your new favourite.

If you’re eager to liven up your Tuesday evening, why not give it a whirl?

What is the Leapfrog sex position?

According to a sexpert at Women’s Health, this one is ideal for sex between a person with a vagina and a person with a penis.

However, the good news is it can work just as well for all gender couples – if you have the necessary accessories.

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To perfect the position, you need to get on your hands and knees, and, while keeping your hips raised, place your head and arms on the bed.

What are the benefits of the leapfrog position?

The added bonus of this particular move is that it creates much deeper penetration.


Plus, it even gives couples a chance to rest their head on a pillow.

It is exhausting work, after all!

What are the variations of the leapfrog position?

Once you have mastered the position then feel free to mix it up a little.

The mouthy frog works in a similar way in that the receiving partner bends into the kneeling position while the giving partner can perform oral sex from behind.

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Equally the squatting frog is a fun alternative requiring the kneeling partner to push themselves up into a squat using their hands to give them balance. From this position the receiving partner can have more control over the penetration.

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