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What Parents Should Know About CDC’s Covid School Guidelines – News

However, this variant may contribute to outbreaks in unvaccinated communities and populations.

Dr. Sean O’Leary, a pediatric infectious disease specialist in Colorado, said: “Unless that is possible, almost everyone I know in this area is very worried about the fall surge.”

Children are much less likely to get sick from the virus or its variants than adults. Less than 2% of Covid-19 children were eventually admitted to the hospital, and a smaller number (less than 0.03% of cases) died. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics..Even a small percentage can occur in rare cases, Potentially severe inflammatory condition..

The emergence of delta variants is an urgent reason to continue various mitigation measures, especially in primary school, said Dr. Linus, who has an 11-year-old daughter who has not yet been vaccinated.

The agency recommends a so-called “hierarchical” approach, suggesting that schools combine multiple mitigation strategies to mitigate risk. (this is”Swiss cheese model.. “)

In addition to masking, distance measurement and vaccination, the school can carry out regular screening tests for the virus. According to the guidelines, fully vaccinated students and staff do not need to participate in screening programs or quarantine if they are in close contact with someone at Covid-19, unless they have symptoms.

The guidelines also mention the importance of ventilation, encouraging schools to take in fresher air by opening doors and windows and changing HVAC settings. Joseph Allen, a healthy building expert at Harvard TH Chan Public Health School, said: “At this point we have been discussing this for 18 months.”

Authorities said a set of comprehensive rules did not make sense at this stage of the pandemic. Immunization rates vary widely across countries, and significant outbreaks can occur in areas with low immunization rates, especially as the delta spreads.

What Parents Should Know About CDC’s Covid School Guidelines

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