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When will Dish Wireless finally start competing: Jeff Cagan – News

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It’s been over a year since T-Mobile acquired Sprint. As part of that acquisition, DISH Network was supposed to be the fourth-largest wireless competitor. Next sprint. But we are still waiting for it to happen. I was skeptical when I heard that claim back then. not yet.

When you ask the company, it says it’s building. The wireless section of the company’s website describes what has happened but hasn’t happened yet.

So the question is simple … as promised, when will DISH come out of the closet as the fourth largest wireless provider?

Don’t get me wrong. I like DISH. I like Chairman Charlie Ergen. I like his bold and risky entrepreneurship. But as it goes by every month, more and more investors and customers are wondering if DISH will run wirelessly.

To tell the truth, the company is too quiet to benefit them. After all, wireless is a noisy industry that doesn’t take prisoners. Over the last decade, we have burned out many new competitors.

Can DISH Wireless be successful in the long run?

We want to make DISH Wireless a true rival. That’s good for DISH and the wireless industry.

However, the wireless industry is another kind of beast. It’s fast and changing rapidly compared to the pay-TV industry where Ergen has built its fortune.

In addition, every few years we take a whole new path of growth. Even Heck, Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, etc. failed for the first time. It took years to recover from the initial losses and finally start winning wireless games. Today, Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Altique Mobile have strong businesses.

For DISH, the industry has moved completely to the 5G stage, rapidly advancing and changing at the time of launching the business before launch. When this started, we were hoping that wireless carriers would offer wireless pay TV. Well, not so many.

AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon are major wireless brands

Therefore, DISH takes so long that launching a state-of-the-art 5G wireless network is no different than competing products from AT & T Mobility, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless.

Today, DISH misses the opportunity to create and build the meaningful brands desired in the market.

A few years ago, the company got a valuable wireless data spectrum. For the past year or two, DISH has hired talented executives to connect wireless networks.

The company has been bending muscles for several years to become a true player in the wireless industry. Today, it should be flying as a wireless start-up.

Why not? The company has not been launched yet and is not yet a competitor. The delay is of increasing concern to the company and its investors.

You can only bend your muscles for a very long time. At some point you need to show your advantage. That’s what DISH lacked.

Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile, Altique Mobile are MVNOs

Even cable TV giants are finally growing wirelessly as MVNO resellers. Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile are reselling Verizon Wireless. Altice Mobile is a T-Mobile reseller.

These three cable TV companies are demonstrating real growth in the wireless industry.

If DISH takes such a long time to build a network and start a service, it probably should be started as an MVNO. After that, it may take some time to build your own network.

At least it will go on the market and build its brand name in this novel industry.

DISH is a satellite pay-TV provider similar to cable TV companies. Therefore, there is no reason why wireless is not successful.

DISH is not good at marketing, advertising and PR

However, success wirelessly requires good advertising, marketing, and public relations programs. DISH really needs to punch that path into the map. Otherwise, the company will not be heard among the noisy competitors.

Unfortunately, marketing, advertising and public relations have always been weak connections for DISH.

Indeed, wireless is another type of industry. AT & T, T-Mobile and Verizon are traditional major networks and own most of the industry.

There are also cable TV MVNO resellers such as Xfinity Mobile, Spectrum Mobile and Altique Mobile, all showing strong growth.

There are Cricket Wireless, Tracfone and many other resellers.

However, in addition to these success stories, there have been some failures in the wireless industry. Remember that Facebook and Amazon Fire Phones went wireless? We were hoping for success from these strong brand names, but they collapsed faster than most people would notice.

DISH Wireless takes too long to appear

Yes, wireless is a tough industry for success. Never take a walk in the DISH park.

That said, wireless remains one of the most important and fast-growing industries. 5G Wireless is the next big wave of growth that will continue to feed the beasts for years to come.

So today is the right time for DISH to start its wireless efforts.

I think DISH is missing a big opportunity today. That delay means that the 5G wireless train is moving forward without it.

DISH Wireless needs strong leadership

The company has taken strong leadership and missed the opportunity to build a strong wireless brand. This is to generate expectations and increase the list of new customers who can’t wait to join.

DISH is so quiet that in the wireless industry it’s not the secret to success. I want to make the company successful. I hope Charlie Ergen and his team are the best. We hope the company will be a viable competitor.

However, time has passed, and more than a year has passed since the company became a hot topic in the town. Since then, we haven’t seen much of the reality … anyway yet.

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columnist: Jeff Cagan

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