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Paul Bukadakis is reportedly dating Ana de Armas after being “introduced by a friend”. Here are five things you need to know about TinderVP:

Paul Bukadakis Attracting attention after multiple sources claim Page 6 That he is now romantically involved Ana de Armas, 33. The Tinder VP is dating quietly actress, Who had a famous date Ben Affleck, 48, In the months following “introduced through a friend”, the outlet reported. The situation between them has been going well since then, and businessmen have already introduced the beauty of Cuba to some of their families.

Here are five things about his new relationship with Paul and Anna.

He is based in Austin, Texas.

“Paul and Anna were introduced through a friend. He’s based in Austin, but he’s spending time between Texas and Santa Monica,” a source said. Page 6.. “He spent a lot of time with Anna before she left the United States to shoot a new movie.”

Paul was the co-founder and CEO of Wheel, which was acquired by Tinder in 2017.

Tinder got it to add a video collaboration and he became the VP of Tinder’s special initiative. Since then, he has been working on creating website content that includes a feature called “Swipe Night”.

Anna was found in April by a mysterious man similar to him.

Ana de Armas, seen here at the Golden Globe Awards, is reportedly currently dating Paul Bukadakis. (Shutterstock)

The identity of the man has not been confirmed, but she Taken with him In Los Angeles while they walk through adorable poochs, including the Maltese of Anna Elvis, And stopped to enjoy a coffee break.

He and Anna seemed to be spending some time apart lately.

Busy black-haired beauty is shooting her new movie Grayman It was discovered as a set in May, while it was reported that the relationship with Paul was deepening in Mallorca, Spain.

Paul is the first man to be romantically linked since Anna left Ben.

Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck together while on the go. (Shutterstock)

Former lovers said they quit in January after dating for nearly a year.They first met while filming the movie Deep water Together last year, they seemed inseparable for some time, but sources said their different priorities ended the romance. “The quarantine was unique because I really knew that I had downtime and was spending time at home,” said one source. post Immediately after dissolution. “But when work started, things started to change.”

“Ana didn’t want to live in Los Angeles, Ben wanted to be close to her family,” said a second source. Page 6.. “His priority is to be rooted in LA. They are elsewhere [in their lives].. “

Who is Paul Bukadakis? 5 Things About TheTinderExec – Hollywood Life

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