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WHO officials warn that cases of Covid are rising again in Latin America and the United States – News

World Health Organization officials said in a briefing Wednesday that Covid infections are rising again rapidly in the United States and Latin America as more contagious variants prevail and endanger the entire region. ..

A new surge in infectious diseases has exacerbated instability and violence in some Latin American and Caribbean countries, officials said, as Delta variants settled in the Americas, Haiti, Cuba, He focused on political turmoil in other countries.

“Many countries, including the United States, have seen recurrences of infections in North America, most states in the United States and Mexico have reported increased new infections, and many Central American countries have cases.” Said director Dr. Carissa Etienne. A member of the Pan American Health Organization, WHO’s Regional Bureau for the Americas, said Wednesday.

New infections are also increasing in Central American and Caribbean countries such as El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba and the Virgin Islands.

Thousands of Cuban protesters have gone out into the streets this week overcoming a frustration with a crippled economy that has suffered from food and electricity shortages.The rarest protests communists have seen since the 1990s come when governments struggle to contain them. Coronavirus pandemicThe island’s fragile health care system is at stake.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters Monday that Cubans are “sick of mismanagement of the Cuban economy, lack of food, and, of course, the proper response to the Covid-19 pandemic.” ..

According to a CNBC analysis of data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the seven-day average for new cases in Cuba increased from an average of 1,256 per day in mid-June to 5,659 in the last seven days, more than four times last month. I did. Data also show that the number of deaths in small island nations has also increased from about 10 a month ago to about 32.

Overall, deaths and hospitalizations have declined in South America in recent weeks. However, as the number of cases is increasing again, authorities expect hospitalization and death to continue soon.

According to Etienne, cases in Argentina and Colombia are at record highs as new infections exceed the levels seen at the beginning of the pandemic. Neighboring countries such as Honduras and Guatemala do not have sufficient vaccine doses to immunize even 1% of the population, which can have disastrous consequences if increased infections from neighboring countries spill over. She said there was.

Colombia, along with Brazil, Cuba and Haiti, has become even more difficult to maintain a public message to encourage healthcare workers and residents to access life-saving resources and encourage vaccination due to political instability and waves of protest. I am witnessing the situation.

“Increased violence, instability, and crowded shelters can be active hotspots for Covid infections,” Etienne said. “Limited supply and violence also impede the ability of healthcare professionals to safely care for patients in need. In some cases, patients may avoid asking for safety concerns. not.”

PAHO officials are working to vaccinate Haiti, where the island has not yet begun vaccination of its inhabitants, but have been assigned 760,000 shots of AstraZeneca through the Covax facility. This is an effort to distribute WHO-supported doses to low-income countries. The world, according to the Washington Post. Violence broke out there after President Jovenel Moise was assassinated last week.

PAHO also warned that countries would resume their economies too soon, and countries that successfully blocked the first wave of infection usually ignored necessary public health measures such as masks and social distance and vaccinated. Protected warned that it is exposed to a new increase in cases due to variants that may be bypassed.

“If the pandemic is not suppressed, it will be very difficult to revitalize the economy, so health and well-being must be a prerequisite for revitalizing the economy in the context of Covid-19.” Etienne said.

Amanda Macias of CNBC contributed to this article.

WHO officials warn that cases of Covid are rising again in Latin America and the United States

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