Why Aussie banknotes will soon be changing – here’s how to spot the difference

Why Australian banknotes will soon change – here’s how to tell the difference

Banknotes will soon change to feature the signature of the new head of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

Michelle Bullock will become the first woman to lead the RBA on Tuesday when she takes over from outgoing Governor Philip Lowe, whose seven-year term has ended.

Changes to the RBA’s top job mean the banknotes printed from this week will also see a change.

The signature of new Governor Michele Bullock will replace the signature of former Governor Philip Lowe

The bottom corner of each banknote contains the signatures of two officials: the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Minister of Finance.

The signature of Dr. Lowe’s is on every banknote printed in the last seven years.

It will be replaced by Ms Bullock’s signature on freshly printed notes in the coming weeks.

The RBA Governor’s signature has appeared on every Aussie banknote since 1989.

Bullock is only the ninth RBA governor.

‘A little excited. Big challenges ahead, but I’m looking forward to them. I look forward to working for the people of Australia.

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