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One more reason why you need to soak legumes and lentils a number of hours earlier than cooking is to cut back the cooking time. Within the context of Rajma or Chole the time wanted to melt the lentils takes virtually 10-12 hours. Listed below are some knowledgeable tricks to soak and cook dinner lentils in the suitable method:

Complete dals like Moong, Tuvar, Massor and Urad dal take 8 to 12 hours to soak. So, at all times wash and soak them earlier than cooking.

Cut up dals take 6 to eight hours to soak whereas heavy legumes, reminiscent of Rajma, Chana or Chole, must be cooked after soaking for 12 to 18 hours to get the suitable style and texture. The best choice is to soak the lentils and legumes in a single day.

She additional mentions that the suitable time to devour beans and legumes is round midday. In order that the physique will get ample time to soak up the vitamin and digest the beans.

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