Woman has the BEST clap back to online match hunting for a girl who looks ‘good enough to look good in a bikini’

AS anyone navigating the dating scene knows, it can be brutal.

But one woman had a brilliant response when she had a text conversation with an online match, who admitted he was looking for a girl who “looks good enough to look good in a bikini”.


Haley took to TikTok to share her response to a potential online match who said he was looking for a woman who “looks good in a bikini”Credit: TikTok
Her clap back earned tonnes of compliments from people in the comments section


Her clap back earned tonnes of compliments from people in the comments sectionCredit: TikTok

The conversation began with Haley asking the man: “You want to make sure I’m not fat huh?”

“I like skinny girls yes,” he replied.

“Not like super super skinny.

“But good enough to look good in a bikini if that makes sense.”

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After considering her response, Haley then replied: “Oh well I like smart guys… not like smart enough to do brain surgery but smart enough to not say dumb things like that.”

“Dating online is so much fun,” she captioned her video on TikTok.

Her incredible response quickly earned her dozens of compliments in the comments section.

“The response back to him,” one person wrote, alongside laughing and clapping emojis.

“This clap back is elite,” someone else commented.

And a third wrote: “Thank you. As someone who does NOT look good in a bikini, I appreciate women like you telling these guys off.

“It makes me feel less alone.”

“This is… this is the best response I have EVER seen I am so proud of you,” another person added.

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While someone else questioned: “Why is tact such a hard thing for men?”

Another comment asked what the man said in response, to which Haley replied: “He was too stunned to speak”.

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