Woman turned away from AFLW match after wearing Voice referendum t-shirt as security tell her to ‘go to Big W’ to buy another top that isn’t ‘political’

  • A woman was turned away from an AFLW match because she supported the ballot measure
  • Elise Read was told on Sunday that she had to change her ‘political’ shirt
  • But Gill McLachlan insists the decision was wrong

A woman was ejected from an AFLW match after wearing a T-shirt in support of an Indigenous voice in Parliament.

Elise Read, 32, from Brisbane, was told by a security guard that she could not wear a ‘political’ shirt for the Lions’ match against the Swans at the Brighton Homes Arena on Sunday afternoon.

She wore a shirt that said: ‘History is Calling’.

Read told ABC News that she was told at the entrance to the arena that “political” shirts were banned and that she had to buy a replacement top at a nearby store.

“He told me I could go to a Big W nearby to get another shirt,” she said.

A Brisbane woman was sent away from an AFLW match for wearing a ‘political’ t-shirt

The Queenslander returned to her car, turned her shirt inside out and tried to re-enter, but the same security officer told her she was not allowed to bring the garment into the venue.

Friends eventually brought a spare jersey and she was allowed into the arena.

“I asked the security guard along the way how many people had been turned away, and he said a few people weren’t allowed in because of their shirts,” Read revealed, adding that it was the venue’s policy.

“A few other workers seemed perplexed, as did many people who entered the site at the same time,” she said.

According to ABC News, there is no sign at the entrance to the stadium stating that “political” clothing is prohibited.

However, AFL chief Gillon McLachlan said the security guard was wrong to prevent the fan from entering.

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said security was wrong to send her away

AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said security was wrong to send her away

“It shouldn’t have happened,” McLachlan said. Brisbane Lions are also aware of the incident.

AFL Ticket and Entry Conditions state that fans ‘must not wear or otherwise display any commercial, political, religious or offensive signage or logos of any kind’.

The AFL has publicly supported a Voice to Parliament, as has the Brisbane Lions board.

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